Resources for Veterans

In my efforts to be a resource hub for our Veterans and their families, I will update with new or changing resources as I become aware of them.

Each county in Michigan has a Veterans Navigators Office.

Please see link below to find a Veterans Navigator in your area.


Other Resources:

Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


Need help with local Resources? Please fill out a needs assessment at:
The local agency will contact you after you fill out this assessment.
  • The Warrior Call organization and its allies are pressing Congress and the Biden administration to designate Nov. 13th as “National Warrior Call Day.” 
  • The idea is to draw attention to those service members, vets and first responders who may be dangerously disconnected from family, friends and support systems and who may need help.
  • The day would mark a coast-to-coast call to action for the public and those who have served.
  • It asks all Americans – especially active-duty and retired military personnel – to make contact and call someone who has worn or is currently wearing the uniform and connect them with supports.


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