The Golden Rule, it is a wonderful thing.

Michelle makes sure to treat her clients and everyone in her world the way she would want to be treated. “When you treat people with respect and give them the tools, they need to make informed decisions, you give them the power to be the hero of their own story. That is my goal, to help people be their own hero, for themselves and their families.”

Speaking of hero’s, Michelle is passionate about our Veterans. Receiving her MRP, (Military Relocations Specialist) certification from NAR has given her the extra knowledge and understanding to help our military families during their PSC or returning to their Home Duty Stations. “By taking the time to understand the process they go through transferring from one duty station to the next helps me better serve them. They stepped up to protect us and our freedoms, the least I can do is help them use the benefits they have earned and achieve homeownership. If I can help them find other resources that may help them or their family, all the better.”

She has helped 1st time homebuyers’ access down payment assistance programs that allowed them to make the transition from renting to home ownership. “Making sure that I have great working relationships with a variety of lenders, insurance professionals, home inspectors and many others allows me to make sure that my clients get the right products and services to fit their needs.”

Along with helping our Vets and 1st time homebuyers she also has her SRES, Senior Real Estate Specialist Designation. Helping Seniors and their families navigate downsizing or relocating can be challenging, but more than worth the effort.

See a pattern here? Taking care of people, that is what it is all about. “Leave the world better then you found it. There were several times in my life that someone took the time to help me. They didn’t have to, but they did. I often wonder if those that did help me ever realized what a difference they made in my life, but I am sure they didn’t do it for that reason, they just did it because they were good people. So just be a good human, it isn’t that hard.”

“I love Michigan, there is something forever one. Hunting, fishing, hiking, great cities and beautiful country life. One day we can be selling a house with 10 acres in the Thumb, the next day we can be looking a great starter home in the suburbs.”

Rest assured that when Michelle is your Realtor, she will take the time to listen and understand your goals and needs. She will give you honest advice and you will not be just a number. “Being able to help someone write the next chapter of their story, how amazing is that?”

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