1stdibs is the go-to marketplace for rare and antique goods offered by thousands of top dealers worldwide. The design of the search and browse pages hadn’t been touched in several years and was time for a visual refresh. Not only that, there were several mobile usability issues that needed to be addressed. I redesigned this key area of the 1stdibs website that launched in July 2016.


There were several usability issues in the mobile filters that we fixed in this redesign. The biggest issue was that users were only able to apply one filter at a time. This was painful for people who wanted to select multiple filters because they would have to select one, wait for the page to reload, open the filter menu, and select the next filter. To address this, we added a fixed “Apply” button and allow them to select as many filters as they want at once. Another problem with the old design was that the font sizes were so small they were hard to read and the touch points were too close together, making it hard to select the links. We added more spacing and increased the font sizes to address those problems.


Scale for the new attribute, COLOR.